We were able to send a total of $10,000 to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Thank you so much for your donations and support!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tufts Supports Japan Snack Sales Starting Tomorrow!

Tufts JCC* will be selling snack bags for $5 tomorrow! We will be at the Campus Center during open block and will also be carrying these goodies throughout the day. We appreciate your support!

A tweet from Japan:
父が明日、福島原発の応援に派遣されます。半年後定年を迎える父が自ら志願したと聞き、涙が出そうになりました。「今の対応次第で原発の未来が変わる。使命感を持っていく。」家では頼りなく感じる父ですが、私は今日程誇りに思ったことはありません。無事の帰宅を祈ります。-Japan and its people are amazing.

Tomorrow, my father will be going to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to help out. He is retiring in 6 months time, but when I heard that he had volunteered himself to go, I almost had tears. "The future of nuclear power is dependent on how we deal with this. This is my job now," he said. He isn't always the most reliable dad, but I have never been so proud of him. I pray for his safe return.


  1. I'm so excited! Looking forward to supporting JCC and those affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and its aftermath.

  2. That's incredible... wow, a real hero. May he be safe.